Trail Guide

If you go out behind the big yellow barn and follow the garden straight out to the stone wall you will see some interesting things. First, this is the site where Ezekiel Dimond’s original log cabin stood; this also is where you will find the Labyrinth and where the Ledge House used to be: and this is where you will find the head of the Dimond Hill Farm Trail.

There is a wooden information board at the trailhead that has brochures, maps and a large outlined diagram that plots the trail’s course for about 1.5 miles north through the old cow fields, past the remains of the ice house, and on down to Currier Road. Leashed animals are welcome and the path is wide and fairly easy going. In fact, in times gone by, the trail was the back road to the farm as heavy loads heading out from Concord were brought around by Currier Road in order to save the horses the steep climb up Hopkinton Road.

Anyway, Click Here for a map of the trail, and Click Here for a copy of the brochure describing the trail and some of what you’ll see. So, there you go … no excuse now for not getting out of the house and getting a little exercise. You’d be surprised by what you sometime see down there (did you ever see turkeys fly up into the trees?). We’ll be looking for you …