Dimond Hill Farm Land Use Policy

Come see what you’re missing …

The Dimond Hill Farm sits on 150 acres of fields and woodlands in West Concord, and is quite possibly the prettiest place to visit that is within easy driving distance of downtown Concord. There are almost two miles of trails at Dimond Hill that trace along the vegetable and hay fields, and dive into wooded glens that run from Currier Road in the north to Saint Paul’s School on the south end of the property. The trails are open to the public, and are active in all seasons as hikers, dog walkers, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, snowshoers, and cross country skiers come to Dimond Hill to enjoy the views and natural beauty.

A few guidelines to help you enjoy your visit …

Owner Jane Presby encourages people to come on up and use the farm, walk the fields or labyrinth, sit in the shade, and enjoy the views and the variety of native plants and wildlife that makes Dimond Hill such a great place to visit.

Those using the property are asked to park in the lower field, just below the Farm Stand entrance, and to follow the list of land use rules posted below.

Dimond Hill Land Use Policy:

  • No smoking anywhere on the property.
  • No overnight camping, No fires, No hunting, No kidding.
  • Please stay on marked trails.
  • No one in the buildings after posted business hours.
  • You are allowed to pet the farm animals, but no getting in pen with animals, crossing fences, or climbing over stone walls.
  • Stay on marked trails and designated public areas (no one is allowed in the greenhouses or main house).
  • Dogs are allowed on the property, but they need to be on a leash. Pet owners also are asked to “pick up the poop” whenever their pet makes an unscheduled bathroom break.
  • There is a Porta Potty available behind the barn between June 1 and November 1 (for humans who need an unscheduled bathroom break).
  • Please be socially and environmentally responsible with your trash.

We’ll be looking for you …

Walkers, joggers, leashed animals, bikers, cross country skiers, snowshoers, snowmobilers, geocache collectors, sunrisers, sunsetters, Yoga and Tai Chi practitioners, picnickers, kite flyers, porch sitters, nostalgia buffs … all welcome to come out and enjoy the Dimond Hill Farm.

So, turn off all that television nonsense sometime and come on by and check out the best kind of reality show. After all, we’re a certified “Kardashian-Free Zone”.

Persons using this trail do so at their own risk and without any charge for access.  The Landowner assumes no duty to inspect or maintain any part of the trail or to warn of defects or dangerous conditions.