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One of my favorite Christmas Carols is the old standard: Oh Christmas Tree. Every time I hear it on the radio or record player I perk up a bit and imagine the colorfully decorated and brightly lit trees that became the centerpiece of our holiday celebrations.

Trouble is, I never seem to remember the words (if, indeed, I ever knew them in the first place). Oh sure, I get the first six words with no problem … it’s what comes after that’s a bit fuzzy. In fact, I typically end up belting out: Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, with great gusto, and then sort of lapse into a kinda half hummed: la-la la-la la la la …

Well, this year I’ve decided to add a few of my own words to sort of fill out the “la-la” sections. It seems fitting, after all, since also for the first time this year the Dimond Hill Farm will be selling Balsam and Fraser Fir Christmas trees in the barn, along with a variety of wreaths, swags, garlands, and assorted greens … all New Hampshire grown, all hand-trimmed, and all harvested in the north country this past weekend. Trees range from tabletop sizes to eight-footers, and all are rated either Premium or #1 in quality.

So just what does that mean? Well, it basically means that there isn’t a bum in the bunch. And, with all the trees being stored and displayed in the barn, there is no need to poke around a snowy parking lot trying to imagine how that frozen tree would look in the middle of your warm living room.

We open the day after Thanksgiving from 10 am to 5 pm. Thereafter, trees will be on sale Thursdays through Sundays from 10-6 until the last tree finds a home. We also will be selling pies, maple syrup, organic meats and other goodies sure to dress up your holiday dining.

And … just because we’re the neighborly type … we’ll be playing your seasonal favorites on the music box and serving hot chocolate, mulled cider and donuts. There will be a “Tacky Ornament Tree” where you’ll be welcome to bring a strange or outdated ornament to hang or to take one with you, if the mood strikes (and your wife isn’t looking).

Rumor has it that jolly old Santa, himself, will show up to pass out some candy and take some pictures with the kiddos. (Check us out on Facebook for day and time postings … because you know how busy Santa can be at this time of year.)

So, there you go. Why do your Christmas tree shopping in a parking lot or at some mega-store, when you can come out to a traditional New England Farm, wander the barn, get some snacks, and find that perfect tree to start your own Christmas season out on the right track.

Remember the words of that wonderful old Christmas Carol I spoke about earlier … or, at least, remember the rewritten version:

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, this year you will be perfect
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, a tree my wife can-not reject
We’ll all drive up to Dimond Hill, protected from the winter’s chill
The barn is packed, the trees are stacked, for very easy viewing

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, the kids are going to love you
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, one stop my  searching is through
We have Bal-sams and Fraser Furs, and all that family fun infers
I’ll end this now, don’t have a cow, it’s better than la-las anyhow …

There, not so bad, is it? Oh well, I won’t quit my day job, but I just might see you up at the Dimond Hill Barn this Christmas Tree Buying season. Just take Routes 202/9 West past the Concord Hospital and on toward Hopkinton. We’re on the right, about two-and-a-half miles past the hospital. Look for the big Yellow Barn. By the way, I’ll be the one wearing the funny hat …

Nuff said …

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