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Remember back when dad would pile the family into the station wagon and motor off down one country lane or another, all the time reminiscing about the way things used to be … back when people were nicer, kids were more polite and he had more hair. Ah, those were the days when we could live without computer tablets and cell phones, and when distracted driving meant constantly having to answer the question: “Are we there yet?”

I know, I know … I’m getting a little nostalgic here. It happens every year about this time, don’t cha know, when I sit on the porch and think back to the crisp air, the backyard football games and the smell of burning leaves. I tell you, mister, we may have come a long way in the technology department, but you just can’t download a good time spent with family and friends on a beautiful New England autumn afternoon.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Mostly because I drove over to the Wal-Mart the other day and caught sight of a family picking pumpkins out of a huge cardboard box. Picture this: Dad diving into the box, mom checking her email on the iPhone, an older girl texting a friend, and the two young boys, obviously excited, dancing around a cardboard box of a pumpkin patch set out next to a busy parking lot.

Not much nostalgia there … or much fun.

I felt like telling the dad that if he just took a ten minute drive up to the Dimond Hill Farm he might have a better chance of making memories that his kids could someday be nostalgic about.

Picture this: Cresting the hill, you catch sight of the big yellow barn set out behind ancient fieldstone walls and flanked by hayfields, gardens and a lawn full of pumpkins. Drive into the dooryard and you catch a panoramic view of Concord and beyond, dotted with fall color and as fresh as the crisp morning air.

In front of the barn are pumpkins of every size and bushel baskets filled with colorful and unusually-shaped gourds. Inside the barn are corn stalks, maze door hangers, apple cider donuts, sodee pop, ice cream, whoopee pies, traditional fruit pies, homemade soups and much more, including more pumpkins … those for making pies and those for making Jack-O-Lanterns.

Go out the back door and there are more pumpkins as well as a view that hasn’t much changed in over a hundred years. Kids have room to run and visit with the llamas and parents have a place to walk or just sit and watch all the fun. You can bring a picnic lunch, or buy a snack at the farm stand, or just enjoy being outside of a reliable WiFi signal for a change.

Now that’s what family time used to be … and can still be.

Oh sure, the pumpkins are a little cheaper at the Wal-Mart, but so is the experience. Of course, I may be old fashioned, but I still like the kind of fun that brings people together without having to point-and-click on an icon or tap out a text message.

So, maybe you should think about bringing your family out to the Dimond Hill Farm this weekend and have a little fun in our pumpkin patch, or in our restored 19th century barn full of pumpkins and other goodies, and make some memories your children will someday treasure … and don’t forget to bring the camera.

Well, nuff said …

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