Kristina Peare

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

KristinaHi, my name is Kristina and I am a local chef, teacher and dog owner, and the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Dimond Hill Farm. My culinary skills are self-taught and my passion for food – sourcing, cooking, and eating – has inspired my twelve years as a member of the farm’s team. I believe that meals are at their tastiest and most healthful when they are prepared the right way – from scratch, using chemical-free, farm-sourced local ingredients and humanely-raised livestock. This process is not only best for our health and for our taste buds, but also for our environment.

I live in Concord with my husband Matthew and our dog Juno. You can visit me at Dimond Hill Farm on Fridays this summer where I’ll be pioneering Concord cuisine by crafting seasonal meals with farm fresh ingredients. Of course, you can find me there on other days, as well, and I’m always happy to swap recipes and cooking tips, or answer questions about prepping, canning and storing this summer’s harvest for use in next winter’s meals.


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