Jane Presby

Owner, CEO, Field Supervisor, Farm Guru

JaneAs a child growing up on Dimond Hill Farm, I was guided by my father’s cautious hands and nourished by my mother’s warm meals and my grandmother’s tales of times gone by. I made my daily adventures in the woodlots and open cow pastures, and at a young age I was given great responsibilities: I helped to raise my own cow herd and tended to the farm’s chores.

My best tools were the hammer and the broom, both gifts given to me by my father, along with a lesson on how to use them properly. If you had visited the farm when I was a child, you would have found me using my hammer on loose nails and tinkering with anything that looked as if it could be hammered. You also would have found me sweeping the barn floor until every piece of hay was gone. I was my father’s little helper, and, in the very literal sense, I stuck by his side until the cows came home.

My mother dressed me in the latest fashions, as she was an elegant farmer’s wife with a taste for anything modern or metropolitan. My dad and my mom were always ready to educate me about our history, as well as to the ever changing times at the farm and in the world beyond. They built their lives on a foundation of farm tradition and, in the process, laid the foundation of my life. Without them, the farm would not be the beautiful, well-maintained, and well-known landmark it is today.

As I grew older, my roots remained embedded at the farm, but my branches stretched beyond its borders. I continued working with my father while attending Plymouth State College, where I found my passion in the world of teaching. I’ve worked with well over 6,000 students in my 34-years teaching at Rundlett Middle School and Concord High School, where I also coached the lacrosse and field hockey teams, and refereed women’s athletics. These experiences have taught me many wonderful lessons about how potential can blossom into achievement with enough patience and persistence … and with a little faith. Today, I work to make the farm more naturally productive and lecture at agricultural workshops and conferences across the region, talking about the nutritional and marketing trends and advantages of locally grown produce.

The farm has always given me tangible results, physical workouts, an outlet for creative ideas, and a close relationship with my parents. Best of all, it’s given me a sense of accomplishment and pride. At the end of a day, it is refreshing to think that all my effort, hard work, and vision has given birth to all this growth … both in the fruits and vegetables available at the stand and in our friends and customers who have taken a little time out of their busy days to visit the farm stand, or walk the fields, or just sit on the porch and take in the views for a bit.

The farm has always grounded me to a sense of time, the cycle of the seasons, and the ebb and flow of life that our finger-tip technology and our rush-toward-tomorrow marketing mania have somehow left behind. My fondest hope is that you come and join me up here at the Dimond Hill Farm, turn off your technology for a bit, smell the hay, and take in a the views of both Concord and a time gone by

And, of course, while you’re giving your head a break, you can also do something nice for your body by visiting the farm stand and picking up some fresh, nutritious, chemical- and technology-free food for supper. Come up and give us a try … I’ll keep my eye out for you.

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