Harvest Calendar

The Dimond Hill Farm Stand opens in early June and will continue to offer the best in local produce and products until sometime in late October. While the Maple Syrup, pickles, breads, cheeses, meats, eggs, pastas, pies, ice cream and other delicious products are always on the shelves, the fresh produce is a bit trickier to pin down as it depends mostly on how fussy Mother Nature is going to be this growing season. However, as best as we can predict through both our decades of farming experience and by holding a wet finger to the wind, the below chart is a good indicator of what’s on the stand during what time of the season. Times blocked out in green indicate that the item listed in the left hand column should be available. Remember to plan ahead for canning and freezing while the flavor and nutrition are at their peak of freshness … because, as we all know, there’s nothing like the taste of summer to warm up those winter suppers.

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