Cooking with Kristina

The Farm Kitchen Guide from Field to Table

Up here at the Dimond Hill Farm we are all about food … and the fresher and tastier it is, the better we like it. I mean, there’s nothing better than layering a Caprese salad with freshly harvested tomatoes, basil and Vermont smoked, natural mozzarella cheese, and then drizzling it all with premium Lakonía Greek Product extra virgin olive oil (harvested from family groves along the Aegean Sea and distributed out of Saco, Maine) and a little of that good Three Acres Kitchen balsamic vinegar (produced just up the road in Hopkinton).

Yes siree Bob … now that’s some good farm-to-table eatin’.

And, lucky you, just because we’re not the kind of people who keep all the good stuff to ourselves, we’ll be posting some of our farm favorite recipes right here. And as an added treat, each Friday this summer our own Kristina will be cooking in the barn, showing you some interesting and delicious ways to use whatever’s in season, and passing out yummy samples and recipe copies to help you amaze your family and friends by making the dish in your own home.

So come on down each Friday and eat some of what Kristina is cooking, or come by anytime and pick up some fresh ideas on how to turn our natural products into a wonderfully healthy meal in your home.