Mission & Vision


Mission Statement: To serve the land and community with transparency, integrity, reverence and gratitude.

At Dimond Hill Farm we honor all – the land, our animals, wildlife, and you, our customers. We honor you through our commitment to natural, healthful farming practices, first quality healthy produce and products, and friendly, courteous, personal service. We take pride in nourishing your health and your happiness, and in sharing the farm – its beauty and its bounty – with each and every one of you.

Our relationship with this land must be one in which we nourish the land as the products it bears nourish us. By honoring the land in all practices we become part of the natural rhythms that sustain the soil and ensure its vitality. To this end, we practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control invasive insects and drastically reduce the amount of pesticides needed to maintain healthy crops. (At Dimond Hill we are more than 90 percent pesticide free!) We minimize the need for synthetic fertilizers by making use of “green manure,” natural, organic nutrient sources such as cover crops and compost that replenish our soils. We also rotate our crops and grow our tomatoes in natural coir (coconut fiber) to prevent the development and spread of plant diseases.

In combination, these practices restore and regenerate the soil, keep it healthy and free of toxins, and ensure the continued viability of the land for growing crops, raising animals, and sustaining natural wildlife. In the future, we hope to decrease our use of fossil fuels by finding non-polluting, renewable sources of energy for heating the high tunnels and fueling our equipment. Our goal at all times is to work with the natural environment to produce quality vegetables and fruits that will enrich your health and are a joy to see and taste.

We are excited beyond all measure by the potential of this farm and we are sure that you will find nourishment for your body, and your soul on your visits to Dimond Hill.

So, stop on by and come back often … we’ll be looking for you.