Why Can’t They Spell?

Is it ‘Dimond’ Hill Farm or ‘Diamond’ Hill Farm? And if it is Dimond Hill Farm, what the heck happened to the ‘A’?

Well, we didn’t bury it in the a-hole, if that’s what you’re asking. After all … we’re a family blog. No, to get the answer to that question you’re going to have to sit through one of my history lessons … we’ll call this one: Is a Dimond a Diamond if the A’s gone Away? … or maybe we can simply name it, “A-what?”

Now close your eyes for a minute as I take you back in time … no pictures, no video, no digital reconstitution of the original events … just you and a little bit of technology I like to call “your imagination.”

In the years before Joseph Story Abbot (several great grandfathers removed from present owner Jane Presby) bought the farm in 1827, the land was owned by Ezekiel Dimond, one of Concord’s early settlers who built his log cabin on the site around 240 years ago. Dimond fought with other Concord men at the Battle of Bunker Hill in June of 1776, and he later went on to help establish the University of New Hampshire in Durham. In fact, the University eventually named its library in his honor and commemorates his founding role by hanging his portrait in the library entrance.

Dimond Hill rises out of the west end of Concord and can be reached by following Routes 202/9 west out past the Concord Hospital and on toward Hopkinton. About two miles past the hospital, on your right, you’ll see the big yellow Victorian farmhouse and barn, fronted by fieldstone walls and flanked by rolling fields of hay and corn. Pull into the dooryard, and you’ll catch the same views of Concord and beyond that Ezekiel Dimond once enjoyed while sipping his morning coffee on the cabin porch.

Anyway … now you’ve got one more fun fact to go out and amaze and annoy your friends and neighbors with. So, the next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and take in the views, sit on the porch, walk the farm trails, or just enjoy the wide selection of local products and fresh produce. Farm stand opens in early June and runs clear through to October, so … we’ll be looking for you.

Well … nuff said for now.

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