Wee’rrrre Baaaaack!!!!

Well, it’s been quite an off season up here at the Dimond Hill Farm, but just when it seemed like Jane and Pam and the crew just couldn’t take another game of Parcheesi around the kitchen table (or another one of Jane’s room-painting fits), the weather broke enough to allow the gang to get back to work.

Tomatoes have been going since the seeds were greenhouse planted in Late February, the tunnels have been cleared, setup and planted with tomatoes and cold weather crops, and the barn has been swept out, scrubbed down and painted up in preparation for the farm stand grand opening on June 5!

Hours this season will be from 10 am to 6 pm, seven days a week. Along with the usual assortment of home grown and locally sourced, all natural, seasonal fruits and vegetables, Jane’s been spending much of the winter (when she wasn’t painting or playing Parcheesi) tracking down and trying out a variety of new products from organic meats and sausages to a wide variety of pickled products to delicious (and waistline challenging) sauces and toppings for the premium ice creams and gelatos that will be on available in many of your favorite flavors.

Sodas, breads, bacon, cheese, maple syrup, pasta, cut flowers … well, I could go through the entire list, I suppose, but you would likely tune out on me and I would get hungry again, so you’ll just have to drive on up to the farm and see for yourself. Just a ten minute drive from the Concord main street, the Dimond Hill Farm is on Rt. 202/9 west out of Concord, a little over two miles past the Concord Hospital. You can’t miss the big yellow Victorian farmhouse and barn.

And along with all the fresh produce, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular views, visit the llamas, and take a stroll through the 1.5 mile hiking trail that runs north of the barn through the old cow fields, past the remains of the ice house damn, and on down to Currier Road. Leashed animals are welcome and the path is wide and fairly easy going. (In fact, in times gone by, the trail was the back road to the farm as heavy loads heading out from Concord were brought around by Currier Road in order to save the horses the steep climb up Hopkinton Road.)

So, there you go. Plenty of reasons to get off the couch and come on by to check us out on June 5th, and to keep coming back throughout the summer and fall to experience firsthand the seasonal changes in both produce and scenery. And if you happen to run into Jane while you’re here, be sure to tell her you read this blog … because if I don’t start getting some attention here, she’s going to hand me a cultivator and point me toward the fields and make me do some real work for a change.

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