Our Own Pam Clark Wins PSU Distinguished Graduate Teacher Award


Just in case you thought Pam Clark was just another pretty face up here at the Dimond Hill Farm, I’m here to tell you that in addition to all her farm chores and duties, Pam is a well-respected educator with more than 30 years experience in New Hampshire schools as a teacher, principal and, since 2003, a faculty member in Plymouth State University’s College of Graduate Studies … or perhaps we should more accurately say “an award-winning” faculty member.

This month Pam Clark, PhD, was awarded Plymouth State University’s 2014 Distinguished Graduate Teacher Award for her outstanding work “facilitating individual and organizational growth and transformation.”

PSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Julie Bernier, had high praise for Pam, saying that “our graduate students benefit from her expertise in leadership development and change management … she is highly effective in the classroom, and I’m pleased to see her recognized in this way.”

These qualities dovetail nicely with Pam’s role as a Transformation Facilitator in her consulting practice, Co-creations of Pure Potential, which she founded in 1998. It’s fitting that Pam works out of the farm, as both businesses rely on a passion for healthy growth … the farm’s energy goes into the land and produce, and Pam’s energy goes into growing individuals, groups and organizations by feeding what promotes healthy development and working to weed out whatever stands in its way.

Those interested in learning more about what Pam does and what she can do for you can call her at: 603-223-2012; or email at: cocreationspp@comcast.net. Those interested in hearing more about Pam’s Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award, can read all about it at www.plymouth.edu/news/pamela-clark.

Okay … so enough with the bragging about Pam already. My mother always said that bragging is the fuel that stokes the fires of vanity … and she ought to know. So I’ve always preferred to think of bragging more along the educational lines. You know, where my boasts are part of the lesson plan that teaches people to appreciate just what a great person I really am.

Of course, after all, this posting isn’t about me … it’s about Pam … all about Pam. I wonder what Pam thinks of me?

Well … nuff said.

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