Hey … Won’t Be Long Now!

Spring has sprung up here at the Dimond Hill Farm, with new plantings sprouting in the greenhouses and new products being planted on the Farm Stand shelves. All in preparation for our May 26 farm stand season opener … which can’t come quick enough for me, as the conversation has gotten a bit stale  up here over the off season, what with all the stories, exaggerations and outright lies being offered around the woodstove losing their appeal after the fourth or fifth retelling.

Anyway, as good old Abbot Presby used to say … better days are coming, and you are welcomed and urged to come and join us in this great reawakening.

Already, the tomatoes, beets, basil, eggplant, peppers, onions, cabbage and Brussel sprouts are off to a good start in the greenhouses and should be finding their ways to the farm stand bins beginning in late May. Fields are being plowed and prepared, and by next week the cold crops (kale, lettuce, cabbage, etc.) should be transplanted where the rich soil, fresh air and sunlight will do them the most good.

Flowers, trees and anticipation are sprouting up here on Dimond Hill, and, even though the farm stand won’t be open for a few weeks yet, we urge you guys to come on up and enjoy the views, walk the trails and take a little time away from technology to just enjoy the blossoming of a new season. We’ll be sure to keep you updated right here on our website and over on our Facebook page.

Just to whet your appetites a bit, some of our new products this year include:

  • Jams and preserves from jamtastic , Norris Berry Farm and Potlicker Kitchen, all produced in neighboring Vermont (you’ve just got to try Potlicker Kitchen’s Carrot Cake Jam)
  • Sauces and condiments with an international flair from Wozz Kitchen Creations, a company created by an Australian Chef and recently transplanted to northern New England where he and his NH-native wife now live in Bethlehem, NH … which seems fitting since the stuff is heavenly.
  • For those of you who like a little more spice, we will be stocking some great craft hot sauces from the Butterfly Bakery of Vermont.
  • If you enjoy everything olive, then you need to try our new gourmet olive spreads made by Albice Foods out of Burlington, Vt.
  • And, of course, my favorite product … ice cream. This year we’re adding another brand to our line of ice cream and gelato treats. Bart’s Homemade Ice Cream is about as close as you can get to hand churned without actually salting the ice and turning the crank. Be sure to give it a try!

Sure I could go on and on about returning favorites, talk about a few more new items, and, of course, the wide variety of homegrown and locally sourced produce (yes, we will be growing more of our own sweet corn) that will be featured at the farm stand this season, but I’m getting hungry and I’m sure you’re getting eager to either text your friends and neighbors about the latest DHF news or to move on to the next electronic entertainment doodad. So I’ll end this here.

We look forward to seeing some of our old friends and meeting some new ones this season, so stop on by for our May 26 grand reopening and don’t be shy about giving a hello to Jane and the rest of the crew. We’re a pretty good bunch up here at the Dimond Hill Farm … not much to look at, I admit, but we’re good at what we do and we can be damn good entertainment.

Well … nuff said.

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