Buying Local: One Way to Stand Up Against GMOs

Getting to be that time of year for farm stands across the state to reopen with a whole new crop of seasonal favorites and local products that are both tasty and healthful and still grown as nature intended. You’ve heard us preach before about the invasion of GMO foodstuffs that now crowd our grocery shelves […]

How to Care for Your Cut Christmas Tree

For many of us up this way, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a brightly-decorated evergreen tree planted smack in the middle of the living room. Ah, how the smell of pine brightens the senses and revives those memories of holidays seasons long past where glass ornaments sparkled (at least until a cat or kid […]

Honey Crystals: Natural Goodness or Funky Fermentation …

Honey is just about as good as it gets when you’re looking for something to dress up a cup of tea or a piece of bread and butter. Most scholars figure that honey predates written history where four-thousand-year-old Babylonian cuneiform writings describe it being used as currency and a way to pay tribute to both kings […]

G-M-Oh My Goodness …

Genetically Modified Organism or “Frankenfood”? This past St. Patrick’s Day the wife brought home a head of iceberg lettuce from the local supermarket produce section. March must be a good month for lettuce in Mexico, she reasoned, why else would they have it on sale. Well mister, I’m here to tell you that that head […]

Know Your Food: Think Globally, but Eat Locally

I was in the produce section of my favorite local supermarket the other day when I walked by an aisle display of California strawberries that looked as if they’d had Botox treatments, steroid injections, and structural enhancements before catching the bus out of LA. The Yankee side of my brain pointed out that any strawberry […]