Farm Views

The Tomato Watch is On …

The tomato watch is on up here at the Dimond Hill Farm. Tomato plants that were greenhouse germinated in late February, and transplanted to the tunnels in April, now are bursting with beguilingly green globes of gratifying goodness just waiting for the right combination of sunlight and temperature that will stimulate the kind of rich, rosie-red ripeness that has my mouth watering just … [Read More...]


Farm News & Stories

Dimond Hill Farm Stand Opens May 25th

Ah, Spring in New Hampshire ... the maple sugaring has gone by, the black flies are swarming, and those pesky mosquitoes and tourist have yet to arrive. One day's it's raining buckets, the next its sunny, near 80 and wicked humid, and the following morning we're lighting the wood stove to take the chill out of the air. About the only thing you can count on in the Spring is … [Read More...]

The Haunting of Dimond Hill

Gather round the hearth my friends and warm yourselves by the fire, safe from the wind and the rain … but not, perhaps, from the chill that’s likely to tickle your spine as I tell you a tale of the ghosts of Dimond Hill. You see, the Dimond Hill Farm seems to sit at a sort of crossroads of days gone by and those yet to come, where the energies of the present and the spirits … [Read More...]