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DHF_Pic_Spring Farmhouse

Hey … Won’t Be Long Now!

Spring has sprung up here at the Dimond Hill Farm, with new plantings sprouting in the greenhouses and new products being planted on the Farm Stand shelves. All in preparation for our May 26 farm stand season opener … which can’t come quick enough for me, as the conversation has gotten a bit stale  up here over the off season, what with all the stories, exaggerations and outright lies being … [Read More...]


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How to Care for Your Christmas Tree

For many of us up this way, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a brightly-decorated evergreen tree planted smack in the middle of the living room. Ah, how the smell of pine brightens the senses and revives those memories of holidays seasons long past where glass ornaments sparkled (at least until a cat or kid sent them crashing to the floor) and strings of popcorn and … [Read More...]

christmas tree in barn

Santa Says the Best Christmas Trees are in the Barn

The Holiday Season is here once again and it’s time to start talking turkey and thinking about what the heck to buy old Uncle Elmer that will top that pair of plaid support stockings you gave him last year. It’s also time to embark on that most glorious of all holiday expeditions … the search for the perfect Christmas tree. My dad used to put on his quirky holiday hat and … [Read More...]