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DHF Gazpachio

Cooking With Kristina: Dimond Hill Farm Gazpacho

Hot enough for ya? Why it was so hot at my house the other day that I had to turn on the furnace just to cool things down. And who wants to cook in that kind of weather? Well, our famous farm cook, Kristina, has come up with a delicious, farm-fresh way to beat the heat with a no-cook summer treat. Dimond Hill Farm Gazpacho may be a bit non-traditional, but who would stop at tomato, cucumber, … [Read More...]


Farm News & Stories

Cow Crossing

Cow Dump Derby

For more than a decade now, lawmakers have been debating about whether or not to expand gambling in the state. Those in favor of gambling say it’ll bring lots of cash money into the state that will benefit both private and public bank accounts; those opposed are worried that that money will come at the cost of the state’s reputation for fair play and folksy fun. They say … [Read More...]


G-M-Oh My Goodness …

Genetically Modified Organism or “Frankenfood”? This past St. Patrick s Day the wife brought home a head of iceberg lettuce from the local supermarket produce section. March must be a good month for lettuce in Mexico, she reasoned, why else would they have it on sale. Well mister, I’m here to tell you that that head of lettuce sat in our refrigerator until well after Easter … [Read More...]